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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I find a Prosthodontist in my city?

There are fewer than 100 Prosthodontists in the province of Ontario. Most practice in large centers close to where other dental specialists also practice in order to facilitate referrals for collaborative treatments. Some do not accept new patients except through referrals from general dentists. If you are not finding any prosthodontic specialists in your area using our "Find a Prosthodontist" search form, try widening your search to larger nearby cities, or try asking your general dentist for a referral.

Your dentist will have access to a listing of prosthodontists licensed by the College of Dental Surgeons in your province and can help you choose someone appropriate for your needs. This approach also facilitates records transfers between offices (such as recent dental x-rays) since your dentist will usually write a referral letter to the specialist explaining the background of your case.

Is there a fee guide for prosthodontists?

The province of Ontario has an established specialty fee guide for prosthodontists, however practitioners may set their own fees based on overhead costs and clinical fees. Dental treatment plans can vary widely depending on complexity of the proposed prosthodontics care.

Why can't I get a quote over the phone from a Prosthodontist's office for a specific treatment?

Dental treatment plans can vary widely depending on complexity. Sometimes teeth will require extensive work to build them up to a point where crowns and bridges can be placed or to ensure that the roots are healthy. Without a thorough examination and dental x-rays, and/or molds of the teeth it may be impossible to accurately estimate the costs of certain treatments.

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