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Why do I need a Prosthodontist?

If you need any type of implant, esthetic, restorative or reconstructive dentistry your decision to look for a prosthodontist is always a right choice.

Here is why:

  • Prosthodontists are the only  bona fide dental specialist in the restoration and replacement of teeth and surrounding tissues.  Prosthodontists are recognized as such by both Canadian Dental Association and all licensing authorities in Canada. Prosthodontists are the experts in the restorative dentistry
  • The knowledge and expertise required to practice Prosthodontics are attained during a 3-year rigorous training at a university based program.  The advanced education in prosthodontics emphasis is not only on high level of education but also on the development of the leadership skills required  for team work with other dental and medical specialists  to achieve the best possible treatment outcomes in the most complex situations
  • Prosthodontists have an extensive working knowledge in laboratory procedures as it constitutes an indispensable part of their training. High quality laboratory work is an integral part in achieving excellent treatment outcomes. It can be achieved only in a close collaborative environment.  As such, most prosthodontists have dental laboratories located in their offices. Dental technologists working alongside often are the best technicians available
  • Prosthodontists are not only experts and well trained dental specialists, they are also educators. They are sharing, advancing their knowledge to general dentists, the medical community and general population. The majority of them are involved in teaching at universities, dental meetings and continuing education seminars